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I'm glad that as dumb as some members of my family can be about stuff, they're all pro-vax (and vaccinated). That'd just be a level too far.
My mom just showed me an infographic that claims that 210 people in Australia were killed by the COVID-19 vaccines. When I debunked it showing her that it just meant that 210 people have died while vaccinated, and that is lower than the number who would be expected to die during that period anyway, that there's NO correlation, she just said that deaths are under-reported and that it just means that hundreds of more people actually died. She has absolutely no idea how statistics work.

She claims she has been listening to shadow reporting, from people who used to be pro-vaccine and saw how much harm they cause. More like listening to idiots and charlatans. If you don't know how to check an infographic to see if it's actually from the group it claims published, it, then you don't know how to check a huckster's credentials. Moreover, if knowing that someone faked an infographic doesn't tell you that they're lying, then you're just straight up believing what you want to believe regardless of the facts.

Maybe send her this?

Social media has done everything to our parents that they were worried TV, Movies, and video games were going to do to us.
Over half of these people who told us as kids, "Don't believe everything you see on the internet." are now watching youtube videos about the Illuminati trying to murder half the world, from a user named AnimeBoy31, and being like "Yes, this I believe."
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First shot of AstraZeneca today. Second one on 30th September.

Yeah, they have announced a 16 week interval between two shots in this country. So I guess summer holiday in Finland is off the books, as I don't particularly feel like going through a two-week quarantine again coming back.
I thought a single shot was enough for the EU vaccine passport?
Perhaps, I'm not very familiar with the EU vaccine passport. I mean, I could always exercise my constitutional right as a citizen to enter into Finland, and give the finger to whatever pansy-ass recommendations they have. That would be easy. But coming back to South East Asia afterwards... That is the hard part.
With numbers going down people start to behave more and more like corona is done. I see more and more people oudside in public transport. Luckily masks are still a requirement. But who knows how long. Even fully vaccinated I will keep wearing them.

Stores selling corona self testing kits for under 1€ per kit now. The price was around 5€.
Yeah, practically every Walgreens and CVS has the home kits available for sale OTC here. I didn't peek at the cost in US$, though.


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This should not surprise anyone:

1. This isn't "post-pandemic", the pandemic is still ongoing.
2. Didn't they try having cruises happen back in 2020, only to have the very first one spread COVID-19?

"All guests on Celebrity Millennium were required to show proof of vaccination as well as a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours before sailing..."

Knowing how much Boomers love cruises, I wonder how many of them faked vaccination records..
It's almost like we should have had an official, centralized COVID vaccination database and provide official cards to people based on that instead of these easy to fake paper ones signed by some rando at the pharmacy.

But no... that would be "discriminatory" against the rats who don't want to be vaccinated.
Meanwhile, here in Australia, a couple leave a weeklong lockdown in Melbourne, drive all the way across New South Wales into Queensland, and then are each fined $4000 for their actions that put everyone at risk of possible COVID infection. I can't imagine that going over at all in the US.
Almost starting to feel like proof of vaccination should be a requirement for getting your ID renewed.
Would solve SO many related issues.

There's a protest on the border between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick right now about border restrictions.

And this happened:

Now, call me crazy, but if a truck carrying vaccines is blocked, then wouldn't that actually hinder border restrictions lifting?
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Ugh, I want to stab people.

Now that the end is in sight, the covid response is getting overly politized.

The Atlantic Bubble is free covid travel between the 4 Atlantic provinces. With restrictions on the other covidier provinces.

Bubble set to open this week.
Whammo! The conservative run NB government declares they are open to all of Canada, breaking the bubble.

The liberal run NS government replies with restrictions on people from NB, thus breaking the bubble.

So the conservatives in NS organize a blockage of the only (significant) road between the provinces.

But who would be stupid enough to protest travel restrictions by stopping all travel? Anti-vaxxers.

The protest had some support as people are eager to get back to normal.

Until they tried to stop a medical transport truck thinking it contained vaccines. It actually was just blood for surgeries.

=stab stab stab!=

The conservative politician who organized the rally in NS just got evicted from her party and will sit as an independent.
Nova Scotia seems like a different country....half of our sitting government has organized those kinds of events for the last......18 months.