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Well, we have our plan. And in the spirit of Nova Scotia, everyone has decided to shit on the premier for speaking phonetic French. And for everyone calling text only documents infographics.
I have an issue with phonetic French. There must have been someone in senior government who could have stepped in to read the French version.

If French was even needed. We aren’t a bilingual province, so I don’t get it.
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We now have a vaccination plan. They are going to vaccinate us according our voting place. They are going to let us know the group who is going to get the vaccine every wednesday. The only thing we need now is the vaccines.
Probably means by precinct/district.

Most ecuatorians have a national id. We have designated voting precinct. They are using those designations for vaccinations. Don't know how it's going to be with minors if we get to that point.
We are through our third wave. Back down to less than 20 cases a day and no community spread. Heavy toll, 18 or more new deaths in the 5 weeks we were locked down.
Yeah, it's almost as if there is no supply constraints and everyone's been getting vaccinated on time and the whole thing was bullshit.
So after three weeks of partial lockdowns in Taiwan, apparently the pandemic is getting better. At its peak we had around 400 local infections a day, but over the last couple of days it's been around 200+ per day. Apparently the R number, which is the average number of people an infected person will go on to infect, has fallen from around 15 to 1.02.

Still, the major hubbub recently has been about vaccines. Taiwan has had trouble buying vaccines for a variety of reasons (including apparently interference from a certain country across the Strait, which shall remain unnamed), and this has led to the opposition party basically screaming every day WE NEED VACCINES! WHERE ARE OUR VACCINES! Apparently they don't care about the pharmaceutical, logistic, and economic challenges associated with obtaining vaccines, they just want to see a pile of millions of vaccines right now, right away.

To which my reaction is basically, "Oh, get vaccines? Just get vaccines? Why don't I strap on my vaccine helmet and squeeze down into a vaccine cannon and fire off into vaccine land, where vaccines grow on vaccinies?!”
And then today it was announced we have around 500 new cases, so the head of our CDC is all like, "Nope, false alarm, the pandemic is not improving yet, everyone stay home."
As long as your R is over 1, it's increasing, not getting better. Ideally a (serious) lockdown should get your R to somewhere around 0.80 (it's practically impossible to get it much lower than that because of transmission among health staff and other legitimately necessary workers).
Yeah, but it looked like the trajectory was heading downwards. We were expecting a fall in transmissions and an R of less than 1 today. Instead, nope, more COVID!
And I think going the vaccine country route is a wrong choice. There's a reason we Europeans are going down into sending immigrants down into importing valuable new members of society to do the backbreaking labor help us mine vaccines from the deep underground, high-quality Vacene layers. If you get your vaccines from Vaccine Land, frankly, more often than not you'll end up with 4G chips instead of 5G - I've even heard reports of people who only get WiFi! Really, make the effort and get quality.
The news in Taiwan today is that there were several cluster outbreaks at a few semiconductor manufacturers. The clusters primarily occurred at the dormitories for foreign workers, in which the workers often share rooms and washrooms. Since these manufacturers mainly provide semiconductor testing and packaging services, a lot of people are trying to contain the outbreak while keeping the companies' plants operational. But it looks like it's going to be necessary to shut them down for a while, so... I hope you guys like more chip shortages.
This is a better source, linked from your source, that paints a murkier picture of the whole affair.




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My mom just showed me an infographic that claims that 210 people in Australia were killed by the COVID-19 vaccines. When I debunked it showing her that it just meant that 210 people have died while vaccinated, and that is lower than the number who would be expected to die during that period anyway, that there's NO correlation, she just said that deaths are under-reported and that it just means that hundreds of more people actually died. She has absolutely no idea how statistics work.

She claims she has been listening to shadow reporting, from people who used to be pro-vaccine and saw how much harm they cause. More like listening to idiots and charlatans. If you don't know how to check an infographic to see if it's actually from the group it claims published, it, then you don't know how to check a huckster's credentials. Moreover, if knowing that someone faked an infographic doesn't tell you that they're lying, then you're just straight up believing what you want to believe regardless of the facts.

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