Funny (political, religious) pictures

"Funny" would have been a comment about leaving out the Oxford comma.
That video is pure Jack Thompsonesque propaganda.

If he decides not to run, the entire section will be everyone sucking up to him. Donald Trump is the king of the Republican Party until the day he dies.
They've already shown more than once that they'll happily let him do anything he wants, so yeah, King for life, sounds about right.
Got a major gun culture problem in this country but conservatives just want to blame and censor black artists and libs actually believe they're going to legislate guns away
It wouldn't shock me to see GOP demanding more troops along the western border in case of some Pacifican invasion.


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Fox New's Christmas tree is on fire.

EDIT: My bet is that they hired someone to burn it down in order to promote the annual "war on Christmas" story.