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As a minor aside/update, I said to my wife yesterday, "Hey, I was thinking of buying some porn games on Steam while they're on sale," and she gave me The Look©, and I decided not to.
Meanwhile whenever I use the porny mod emotes on my girlfriend in Conan Exiles she gets an unstoppable giggle fit.
Probably some of the visual novels, I didn't really look into them too closely.
Oh most visual novels on Steam are edited like the console versions and don't have the porn CGs anymore. Some will still raise some eyebrows however.
Do you have any recommendations?
Is it just visual novels in general I would recommend Steins;Gate, The Nonary Games and 428: Shibuya Scramble. They are not eroge or dating Sims and don't have any questionable content.
If you want to play some some eroge classics: Yu-No on Steam is a remake from 2016 of a eroge from 1996 by ELF corporation. It is more of a adventure mystery story than a dating sim but the different branches lead to a sex scene (mostly black screen with suggestive text and a image after the deed is done.)
Dokjusei: Banging Summer is a 2021 remake of a eroge from 1992 by a ELF corporation. It is a classic dating sim with a time management system. I have not played it however.

Aokana, The Devil on G-String, Chaos;Child (and Chaos;Head), Sorcery Jokers, Umineko and House of Fata Morgana are often recommend. But I haven't played them yet.
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Alex Jones' official video game is being hugely promoted on Steam right now. It's 20 bucks for a 30 minute game that would have felt at home on Newgrounds 20 years ago. Tons of positive reviews, all from accounts with one review and with nothing to say about it but faint praise.

Reminds me of how conservative political books become best sellers.
The most popular 'mod' that isn't Toybox for Rogue Trader is an AI portrait pack.

They all look like this:


Generic, vaguely celebrity-esque and scrubbed of any 40K iconography or silliness.

What the fuck is the point of being a Rogue Trader if you don't look like a Rogue Trader?

This is a Rogue Trader:


Or this:


Or this dingus:


This dingus is so distinctly Rogue Tradery that they made him one of the base portraits you can pick in the game.

It's an actual crime that Command and Conquer Remastered did not perform well. It's the best Remastering a video game has ever gotten imo and it's flopping means the chances of a remastering of the best Command and Conquer games, Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 will never get the treatment they deserve.

God, Yuri's Revenge had the best title screen music. Was just ready for war.

To be fair to Command and Conquer, it's style of music stayed the same throughout the series as long as Frank Klepacki was writing the music.
I was thinking about the Neskimos and how much I loved their Mega Man X - Sigma Stage One cover from what feels like a millennia ago and it brought up memories of the dark times before Youtube was ubiquitous and post the annihilation of most good file sharing services at the hands of the villains Metallica. When so much indie music just didn't exist on the internet anymore. Some websites tried to carry the water Napster left behind, but it was never the same. Never as easy or fun. Torrents became a thing, but torrents are fickle.

The group broke up in 2012, but at some point they just put up all their music on the internet archive. Neat.

It had a saxaphone in it!



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I'm riding out to the Nameless City to go grind bosses, and look behind me to make sure my thralls are keeping up, and this is pretty much what I see



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Got an invite for the beta for Nightingale. By the time I got the email it was over. Six hour stress test. Completely missed it.
I've been listening to an adventure game podcast co-hosted by PunishinUpRoses. I'm loving the peak nostalgia.

But they brought up an interesting point. When there are competing brands, like Marvel vs. DC, Nintendo vs. Sega, or Sony vs. Microsoft, there's often tribalism where one side HATES the other and vigorously defends their side. I never cared that tribalism, though I did have a preference (DC, Nintendo, Sony, respectively).

But Rose's pointed out that there wasn't much tribalism among adventure gamers when it came to Sierra vs. LucasArts games. We had a preference, but we didn't hate on the other brand. And I think she's right on that.

But it reminded me of a friend who once said M*A*S*H fans preferred either the movie over the show or vice versa depending on which they saw first. And I wonder if that applies to Sierra or LucasArts, too.

For example, as much as I adore LucasArts games, I will always prefer Sierra games. And I realized my first impression of adventure games was King's Quest 1. My babysitter showed it to me on their computer. They actually narrated the text to me in an exciting manner, so I was hooked.

I didn't play a LucasArts game until a few years later, with Maniac Mansion on the NES (and it didn't really grab me at the time). Didn't play Monkey Island until middle school. So it's not surprising that I lean more in the direction of Sierra games than LucasArts.
Maybe someone can help me. I remember playing (early 2000s) a FPS RTS. I think there were 2 races, a humanoid tech race and an alien biotech race. You could enter vehicles and pilot them or run on foot and snipe the enemy vehicles pilots and hijack their vehicles.
Does it ring a bell for anyone?


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Maybe someone can help me. I remember playing (early 2000s) a FPS RTS. I think there were 2 races, a humanoid tech race and an alien biotech race. You could enter vehicles and pilot them or run on foot and snipe the enemy vehicles pilots and hijack their vehicles.
Does it ring a bell for anyone?
... Halo?