He’s a 6 am kind of guy and our son is on the bus around 8:30. I sleep like the dead and start work at 9:00 so I missed that ass crack of dawn fun.
PD = Professional Development. It's a teacher workday, kids are off. They get training and such and generally just a break from having to deal with the hellspawn students.

I'm assuming "hoyrs" is a typo of "hours." If so, how early do you get up that there are hours before you take your kid(s) to school, @HCGLNS? Or did you already drop them off? :confused:
Get up at 6.
Wake son up at 7.
Go to work at 7:20
Son gets bus at 8:15
Reading twitter on break at 10, notice tweet from school board about PD day.

But in other news,

:notes:I got McDonalds and you don't have none.:notes:
My Eddie Murphy reference seems to be missed by many readers. Am I out of touch with the Halforumites of today? Have I been passed by? No, no it's them that are wrong.
Been practicing for months for the CDCA ADEX examination (Endodontics/Prosthodontics portion). I've been getting up at 5am so i can get to clinic at 6 so I could practice before seeing patients. It's a grueling 7 hour, $2400 exam covering 4 dental procedures:

Endodontic access of tooth #14 (Left 1st maxillary molar)

Endodontic access and complete obturation of tooth #8 (Right central incisor)

Ceramic crown preparation of #9 (Left central incisor)

#3-5 Bridge with tooth #3 (right maxillary first molar) being a cast metal prep and #5 (right 1st maxillary premolar) being a porcelain-fused metal crown prep.

And I just found out that I passed.

Screenshot_20210326-173336_Samsung Internet.jpg

Thats huge. CDCA ADEX is a licensure requirement. It's also validation that I've actually been learning something this whole time. I didn't have a ton of confidence that I was going to pass after taking the exam, so seeing those 'pass' results is a huge relief.