I'm still horribly overweight, but I managed to bike and hike out to my yoga rock and back today. It's about 12 km (7.4 miles) one way, so that's about 24-25 km total. Plus a 15 or so minute hike to my rock and back.

'Scuse me, I'm gonna pass out now.

EDIT: I somehow wrote "rock rock" instead of "yoga rock."

And a little photographic proof:
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@Denbrought, Ain't I a stinker for posting a cryptic picture without much context? Wanted to see if anybody knows what this is. Anyway here is one that make sense.

I got a Thermomix last week as a gift and it's amazing. It's a multipurpose kitchen machine and makes cooking a lot easier. The first picture shows the steamer. You can make and cook a whole meal with just this machine.


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I guess pending divorce aside, I did lose almost 25 lbs over the last year and get back into running. On the other hand, I have developed metatarsalgia and I really need to see a dr about it. I don't want to stop running, but it is getting pretty bad and not going away.

Also, just before the lockdowns, we had our annual shotokan karate camp, and I passed my second degree black belt test.
For father's day, my lovely wife gave our kids the credit card and told them to go find me a Playstation 4 or 5, knowing very well that I'd be happy with either but that they would be gone a while trying to find a five, thus giving us some "alone time" in the house.

Best father's day ever.