The I'm Drunk/Wasted/High thread part too drunk to count

I have never had any drinks that weren't like that.

Though there is an iced tea that's not completely two faced like the rest.
I don't drink very often. But I love this shit and nobody else in the house does. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna drink the whole bottle. Almost halfway there ;)


It's 40 proof.
It's a blazing hot day, my lawn needs mowing very badly and I'm lying on the couch, high as a kite, watching AEW Double or Nothing.

Yeah, today is good.
Uh, I tried something called Dorweedos today. The whole bag was shockingly tasty. Not a hint of weed taste to be found and it tasted more authentically cheesy than any normal variety of Doritos.

It was too easy to polish off the whole bag.

I regret polishing off the whole bag right now. These are hitting me like a bus. I feel like what I wanted was a Zima and what I ended up drinking was 3 and half bottles of whiskey.
It pisses me off to no end, that weed is "illegal" in germany. It is easy enough to get hold of in its raw form, but edibles are such a chore to make.
Same in Belgium. We had a tolerance policy for a long time, but under the previous right wing government that was abolished, so now it's technically illegal to have even a centigram on you.
Completely useless, it's high time it's legalized so it can be monitored and taxed and the money being wasted can be spent on better things, including the war on actually serious drugs.
(laughs in Arizonan - where there's a weed dispensary right across the street from where I live)
(laughs in the rest of the US - even before it was legal, weed's never been hard to get, and we don't have to live in Satan's anus to do so.)
I can add danced naked singing Rick Astley to things I didn't expect I'd do. I'm mostly typing this out so I can read it tomorrow and for a moment I forgot how to type entirely. This is fun.
I can honestly say my life goal now is to poison myself with as many mind altering toxins as possible and wallow in spiraling crapulence as the world burns (LITERALLY) around me.
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Slaanesh is my god now.
Next time I do this I'm definitely going to be more adventurous with my setting. I made sure everything was as safe and comfortable as possible.

Next time I'm building a big ass fire.
I'm having GREAT difficulty parsing English right now. I have to keep reading and rereading what I'm typing and I'm completely unsure if anything I'm writing down is even readable.
Could do without the random waves of nausea, but I guess that's just part of the experience.
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So, I'm mostly over the effects of the shrooms. Final thoughts before I go to bed: fun mostly. Probably shouldn't have watched that new Channel 5 video about that Qanon conference but it was fun watching the crazy buff guy's facial stubble do whacky shit.

Forgetting how to read was a real weird experience.

Anyways. Gnight.
I have to say, the only thing I really didn't like about last night's experience was the come down. I had intense waves of embarrassment and shame over my actions, which honestly were just me being goofy for a couple of hours. I dunno if it's a personal problem or that in-built self-loathing that comes with growing up Catholic or what, but it sucked.
I realize it is a personal thing that you're feeling but I was just messing you last night with the lizard queen comment and was more, in fact, enjoying your ride with you vicariously. Hope you didn't feel I was being judgy or anything and that is contributing to how you feel.
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