The I'm Drunk/Wasted/High thread part too drunk to count

I realize it is a personal thing that you're feeling but I was just messing you last night with the lizard queen comment and was more, in fact, enjoying your ride with you vicariously. Hope you didn't feel I was being judgy or anything and that is contributing to how you feel.
Absolutely not. I laughed at your comment.
One of the sometimes-benefits-sometimes-downsides of losing a bunch of weight really is that I can't hold my alcohol anymore. I've had about half a bottle of (admittedly heavy) wine, and I feel like I'm already at my limit. Nice if you want to get a buzz going, but annoying every time you want to sample/taste some different beers or wines.
So we're on vacation in slovenia.
The house we're in now, the owner came around with some fine alcohol made by the neighbor.
I can hold my liquor, but damn. I'm pretty sure this is well over 70%. Tasty, and I don't feel like I'm going to lose my sight, but... Yeesh
Oddest thing, though - he sold us on a bottle of this stuff after one taste, then gave use three more and gave us some free bottles of wine but didn't try to upsell anything at all, just was happy drinking and talking.
I don't mind, I'm happy, but. Man, I can hold my alcohol but not this stuff
Anyone else using kratom? Been on it for my back pain almost three years now and my regular dose is only about forty cents

It's like oxy, can last a few hours, and I haven't had any withdrawals from it. At work I was taking 5g every night to get through the dinner rush
All I know about kratom is the scare tactics around it. It sounds interesting.
I'm more concerned about its legal status in my state than the risks. From my experience if you take too much your eyes will wobble and you'll vomit it all up
Ordered a shit that says I have crippling depression and a sex worker is going to send me a black metal playlist. My life is so good right now :3
Jun's been up for the break and I had a couple classmates over who didn't leave Erie for the break. I ended up hosting some winter Hotpot, complete with copious amounts of Sake and Soju, which I am currently still in the process of the finishing, because why not.

Also the fact this post isn't stickied and I had to find it, is just cruel.

Well, due to all the politics going on and my own MP bray like a fucking moron about how much he wants to destroy healthcare in Canada the way the Supreme Court is in the US, it's time for some high dose gummies. I don't intend to be sober one iota longer than I need to be for the next while. Gummies, Carpenter Brut, Wrath of the Righteous and diet mountain dew will be how I spend this week.

Time to get Monday'd.

You know, the only thing I don't like about edibles is how they exacerbate my tinnitus. I know they're working because the whine in my ears gets about three times as loud. I could do without that.
Ok, I have another complaint about THC. Whenever I decide enoughs enough and I want to be clear headed for a while, I always go through the same withdrawal symptoms. Days of anxiety, anger, discomfort, sweating, etc. Like I just cracked my phone because I saw my mother retweet an Albertan fascist on Twitter, just as soon as I thought I had begun to get through to her. That would normally cause me to roll my eyes and be sad instead I flew into an out of character rage (despite how angry I might seem and type, I'm actually generally very calm) and whipped my phone against the wall.
You know, I wish mushrooms were as cheap in Canada as just plain old weed is. My local guy keeps doing sales for 40 bucks an ounce. Man, pot was 100 bucks an ounce when I was young at the cheapest. Shrooms though are expensive in comparison, like I could easily spend 40 bucks a trip for them, which is just too much. I wish I didn't hate smoking it so much since it's cheap as potatoes.
Did all my yard work, took my mom shopping and helped her assemble her bed and I've bigly decided that I'm not ready for reality so treats for me.

30 seconds later. Holy shit these taste fucking TERRRRRIBLE. Citrus my ass, it's like bitter herbal grass with a hint of citrus.


They can be diced into quarters easily, so like 30 mg per piece and once again I envy your lightweight ass. 10 mg has never been enough to even get a light buzz for me.


Seriously, the amount of money I save on THC vs alcohol is ridiculous. I buy a lingual spray and it lasts me 2 months. For $50.

Finally, benefit to being a ginger.