The I'm Drunk/Wasted/High thread part too drunk to count

I bought one of those. I used the whole God damn bottle in like a weekend. At least this tin will last me a good two weeks.
These are hitting me like a truck though, holy shit. It's only been half an hour and I'm already buzzing through to my toes. Only half of one next time.
Im getting a little drunk, today on my birthday. It's a special year. I turn 37. An odd number, but it was the year I knew, back in 2014, that I'd be finished and licensed as a dentist. Well it's here, and tomorrow I get to go into the hospital and operate in the OR on special needs patients under general anesthesia, so I guess all that hard work did indeed bear fruit. Of course, that is why I emphasize a "little drunk". Gonna need a good night's rest for tomorrow.