I thought the appropriate nickname for someone like Bhamv was "goldfish".


EDIT 2- I realized I forgot part of the explanation
I was mostly referring to a popular Chinese pop song:
The song is about a guy trying to get a girl's attention, and not understanding "the minds of women". But the song is also known as "The Goldfish Song", because the first few lyrics "Hey little girl, look over here" can be interpreted two ways.
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I tried to watch a horror movie recommendation the other day, and when the two young ladies by the river started undressing, I got impatient, started fast forwarding, and eventually gave up and turned it off, frustrated at how long the love scene between them had gone on.

Fourteen-year-old me would have no idea just WTF was going on here.
I've been on a big Boy Meets World rewatch and it just dropped the best joke ever. Ready?

How did the astrologist cross the road?


That's a keeper.
This post from r/outoftheloop explains it better than I can.

The situation is as follows, the moderators of /r/Ukpolitics set the subreddit to private last night. This was not a decision they took lightly, but one that was made to protect both the users and moderators of /r/ukpolitics.

A moderator posted an article from the Spectator - which contained a three-word mention, in passing, of a minor British public figure ( who was expelled from both the Liberal Democrats and Green Party) - this moderator was permanently suspended from Reddit (and later reinstated after we contacted the admins) for "doxxing" as a result.

As they had no idea what had happened, or why posting this article resulted in a permanent suspension, the mods of /r/Ukpolitics took the emergency step of making the subreddit private and immediately contacting the admins for clarification. They took this step to protect both the users of the subreddit, and themselves, from further action by the Reddit admin staff.

It later became apparent that Reddit has hired the individual as an Reddit admin, and were banning people from discussing the employees past to protect their employee from harassment.

Like the /r/Ukpolitics mods we would ask the following, in order to protect your account from getting terminated by Reddit:

• Do not name this individual, at all. Doing so may result in your account being banned by the admins.

We are obviously extremely concerned by these developments and expect Reddit to explain this situation.
A few more details:
The Reddit admin in question was apparently expelled from the Green Party for her father's conviction for abducting, torturing, and raping a child. Apparently the admin in question lived with said father at the time, but claimed to not have full knowledge of the kidnapping situation. Also, during the admin's political career, the father was hired as a photographer, which due to the nature of political campaigning would've put the father in situations where he's in the proximity of children and possibly photographing them.

Reddit's claiming that the removal of the article and the banning of the UKPolitics mod was done through an automatic process, to prevent doxxing. This has been called into question, though, because it's very unlikely that Reddit has automated systems reading through every single article linked to the site, just to check if certain key words appear. Furthermore, the article was on the UKPolitics subreddit for several hours before it was removed by an admin and the moderator banned, which suggests the removal and banning were manual actions.

This admin is transgender, which adds a dimension of transphobia and LGBT protection into the discussion.

The Streisand effect is now in full swing. People who had no idea this particular admin existed, or that Reddit had hired this individual, now know a whole lot more.
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Found a new song I hate.

"Afterglow" by Ed Sheeran
I went and listened to (the first minute) of this, because I'm apparently a masochist. It's not... like ear-bleeding-ly bad, but it's vapid, they've done some incredibly weird post-processing to the vocal line, and the verse has like three notes, it's practically a chant. It's boring and dumb, but it's just rather beige - it elicits no emotions from me whatsoever, it barely registers a 'meh.'

So, given my 'meh'-ness about it, I'm curious what inspires the hate?
Good News: Got my Tax ID verified so my refund is ON its way!

Bad News:...gotta...wait nine more weeks for it...UGH-I want my money! Also the Stimulus check that I may or may not be getting.
Basically this and it would be just a meh for me too. But after listening to it multiple times because it feels like every station is playing it I really started to dislike it.
Aaaah, that makes complete sense. Thank you, I was curious.
It's called the Canada Music Effect, a term I just invented. In Canada you can only play a foreign song 18 times a week on the radio. As such, the moment a Canadian song becomes popular, it will be played twice an hour for nine years.


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The primary reason is that many work vehicles don't have CD players or AUX inputs in them.
This is why the lord did bequeath unto us cigarette-lighter mounted bluetooth FM transmitters.

Like this one, which I got when the shitty bluetooth in the shitty Ford Escape I was assigned as a work vehicle stopped working.
And what if, say, your employer forbids the use of Bluetooth in your bus... er, vehicle?

There is a USB port connected to the Media input in my bus, so I'm good with my USB stick & music library. Just don't tell anyone, k?
I usually don't listen to music except for particularly long drives.

I'll tell you though, singing along to the entirety of the Wicked soundtrack over the course of one car trip is very enjoyable.