[TV] The What Animation Are You Watching Thread 2!: The Sequel!

Well then you might be out of luck if you wanna do it legit. Disney only has the first 9 on iTunes. Amazon only has first 12.
Amazon has more, but they split them weird. You have to go over to season 2 slot. YouTube has them for sale too.

My problem isn't in paying for them, it's that I like owning them. But it sounds like Disney doesn't do that, so I guess I'll have to choose where to "rent" from.
That's going to be a neat episode. As for this week's...

Ducktales: Who is Gizmoduck?

They stuck a stealth "Mighty Ducks" reference in here that made me smile. Otherwise, it's a pretty good super hero origin story that riffs on a couple of popular movies.
People who've never cared about She-Ra a fucking MINUTE of their lives suddenly care now that there's some of those pesky uppity lezzy wimmens in charge.
It looks like SHE-RA as seen through the lens of Studio Ghibli. I'm... completely okay with this and hope the girls get a show written half as well as the art is?
I was gonna say SHE-RA as redesigned by Rebecca Sugar.
It's too sharp for that... it doesn't have all the curves you'd see in the thin-line style that's a thing today. This is definitely taking more inspiration from 80's/90's cartoon and anime works than people give it credit for.
I don't deny that subversion is a good thing, I enjoy it when done well. I'm just not sure these characters (besides Squirrel Girl) are a good fit for Earthworm Jim-style antics, and I'm sure this is mainly because I'm not a big fan of when a show plays against established characters.

But hey, I wasn't a big fan of Muppet Babies, either.

I'm just glad the writers remembered not to make Gwen's name Spider-Gwen and went with something clever with Ghostspider. Spuder-Gwen is the name of the COMIC not the character, it's not that hard less crappie but still unimpressive new Spider-Man cartoon.