What are you listening to II: Electric Bogaloo

Tuned in to radioparadise.com a couple weeks ago for the first time in years and got blindsided by the first one at exactly the right/wrong time, dunno if I'd ever heard it before then. It hit pretty hard.

"I Grieve" - Peter Gabriel

I'd heard this next one before some years ago, it played just a few songs after the above and earned a spot on my recent playlist. The acoustic version is much better IMO than the studio release, and it is a powerful song, especially since my very existence appears to be to solve other people's problems while somehow trying to find time to solve my own.

"Human (Acoustic)" - Rag 'n' Bone Man

Well, it's beginning to feel fallish here, so I gotta listen to October Rust by Type O Negative.

Man, the lyrics are so dorky, but I fucking love the ethereal guitar and Peter Steele's voice is well, incomparable.

I know, I shared the whole album.... just check out THIS song. If you don't like it, fine. But I can't imagine not enjoying that bass and dreamy guitar twangs.