Whine like a baby, now with 500% more drama!

Got to my bus yesterday after the week off. Battery was dead - nothing unusual, I have a newer bus that has a load of electronic stuff on it which tends to drain the battery. As I was doing my pretrip, I noticed something odd: there appeared to be small flecks of what I incongruously thought was bird poop on random places in the bus. As we are required to keep two windows open slightly for "ventilation" because of our COVID policies, I thought perhaps a bird had snuck in and out after leaving some deposits in a frenzy.

It took me dropping off two kids at two different schools to realize I was half right. A bird had indeed made its way into my bus through one of the window cracks, but had never figured how to get back out through the window, and was laying dead inside the bus in one corner... right by where one of my kids had been sitting. :facepalm: :puke::cry:
I got a case to translate a client's corporate slogan from Chinese into English, and based on the original Chinese slogan as well as the client's company characteristics, the perfect translation would be "Infinite and Unbound", except I can't use that because the phrase "infinite and unbound" comes from RWBY so anyone who googles that phrase would get a bunch of hits related to an American-made anime about four teenaged girls. So now I have to think of another alternative, which would probably be less snappy and not as close to the original Chinese version.
Woo, I got almost no sleep because of leg cramps (yay stupid menstrual cycle problems) and my right ear and right side of my jaw also hurts for some reason and I can't tell which one of those two things is the source. (It's not a toothache, it's the actual jaw muscles) Sometimes the ear pain comes from falling asleep with ease buds in, so I'm just going to wait and see on that one.
Everyday I'm just going through the motions. I have no real purpose, no goals, no motivation. I can't support myself on my own, have no skills to make a decent living, and am usually on the verge of tears at any moment. I hate waking up in the morning and struggle to sleep at night, even with sleep aids.

I'm finding it harder to justify my existence as time goes by. I think the only reasons I am still here are the costs my family would incur should I pass and the existential dread I have of eternal damnation thanks to an early childhood filled with hardcore Christian indoctrination.
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The evacuation lines are getting really close to at least one friend's house who has small children. I don't *think* it'll stretch that far, but it might. The evacuation lines are also pretty close to my daughter's high school, which will mean their air quality is going to be shittastic, and might end up getting in person school completely shut down if it's not under control by Tuesday. (They have a 4 day weekend this weekend)