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    Rest in peace, Mikko. You will be missed.
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    Good Cosplay Thread - pt3 - The Pros of Cons

    On 100th look, I guess it's not there... my mind must have filled in the blanks! :D
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    Good Cosplay Thread - pt3 - The Pros of Cons

    OoOooooOoO... is that a nipple I see two posts up? :eyebrowwiggle:
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    Good Cosplay Thread - pt3 - The Pros of Cons

    Thrall with Doomhammer... if no one else has caught ya on that.
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    Rant VI: Now Drama Free

    Fuck. I can't sleep. My cheap boxspring has been broken for almost a year now, and I think it's getting worse because a muscle in my left leg falls asleep any time I'm not lying on my left side. Back and tummy aren't good options either. So, I move my ass to the couch. ...well, I figured out...
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    The Random Crap Thread

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    It's never lupus...

    ...unless you're Lady Gaga. Although she doesn't want to share the test results for fear of worrying her beloved fans, it seems like this would explain her erratic health as of late. Best of luck to her!
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    Towel Day 2010

    You mean the one in my bathroom that reads Casey?
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    Towel Day 2010

    Dude! That is a pretty sweet light switch!
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    Towel Day 2010

    Don't forget to bring your towel!
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    Whats for Dinner?

    MEAD! *glurp gulp*
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    Whats for Dinner?

    I bought some yeast the other day because I would like to start making my own breads. Trying to get away from the processed foods and such. Any recipes?
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    The EPIC WIN Thread 2: EPIC HARDER!

    Going to see the new Shrek movie with my sister, her two kids, maybe her hubby, and definitely my boyfriend! Boyfriend and I are talking about getting married! Monday is the school's teacher work day, then off for the summer! I have a blog! Umm.... I got a new phone! Uh... OTHER GOOD THINGS
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    New Picture Thread

    I don't know what is yummier: You or the cuppy cake!
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    20 Worst drinks to drink

    I don't see bacon grease anywhere on that list...