I have a new hot female coworker who:

1. Tends to concentrate very hard when she's working,
2. Wears noise-canceling headphones, and
3. Is very easily startled.

This means that every time someone walks by her cubicle, she'll get startled and give out a little "eep!" There is now a constant stream of "eeps" coming from her sector of the office throughout the whole workday.
There are far worse whiskeys.

But there are far better ones too.

I suggest Jim Beam. It's pretty tasty, for a whiskey.

But it's no Tito's.
tito’s is an absolutely terrible whiskey.

in seriousness, I’m a total whore for jameson as far as whiskey goes


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Just whatever you do, don't believe the hype and stay the hell away from Jack Daniels. That thing is like wood flavored vomit.
During nog season, I'll usually go for Maker's Mark. Then again, nog season is the only reason I buy whiskey in the first place these days.
Healthy example of boys will be boys at work. The pest control man asked if we wanted to see what was in the traps today, we all said YES!
When I drank whiskey, JD was just a coffee sweetener. Like spicy foods, you drink enough of it they lose flavour. JWB, CR no flavour anymore to me. I am aware it's high content alcohol, but I have to mix it so it tastes like something. I drifted into peat monsters before stopping. Now I just buy local rye or rum and blend it with coke.
Hot female friend of mine: "Hey, could you do this huge, difficult, time-consuming favor for me?"

Me, semi-jokingly: "Huh, that's going to take me a bit of time... but okay, I can do it. But in repayment, I would like you to say one nice thing about me!"

Hot female friend: "Okay, you're incredibly forgiving towards people who take advantage of you."

Me: "Well... okay, that counts, I guess."
I know what a subdermal contraceptive implant is.

My hot female subordinate just came to me to ask for half a day off because she needs to get her implant removed. Except she didn't want to actually say what the implant is for, but she also appeared to be worried that I'd think she doesn't really have an implant or something, because she just rolled up her sleeve and said, "There's an implant here in my upper arm, and I need to go to the doctor to get it removed, you can sort of see it if I press down, do you see it?"

And I was all like, "No no, it's ok, you don't need to show it to me." I knew what the implant is for, but if she doesn't want to say it out loud then I'm not going to say it, so all I could do was sit there and sort of emphatically agree that I believe she has an implant, and she can take the time off, no problem.
An absent friend of ours has just posted the most epic thread in the history of epic threads to twitter. You'll know it when you find it. :rofl: